Nitrotec treatment must be chosen when you have high demands on corrosion resistance.

The process is carried out at 550-580 degrees for 1-4 h in a nitrogen-based atmosphere. After this is done an oxidation of the details which give them an aesthetically pleasing gray-black surface. The low processing temperature results in minimal and often negligible size changes. In order to achieve repeatable results require extreme cleanliness management: that is why this process is carried out in Anderstorp, where no oil mist, etc. are present. Nitrocarburizing performed in a variety of process media, each of which individually provide different benefits. with Nitrotec ® produces all of these advantageous properties of a process.


  • Corrosion protection up to 400 hours.
  • Control over the shape changes.
  • Increased surface hardness.
  • Increased fatigue resistance.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish.